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It's difficult to be pleasantly surprised in today's world. You order a particular service, imagine how things should go, but then you'll be very disappointed by reality. Sometimes you don’t even hope for a successful result, pay the money to "experts", wait and thank them for bush work, glad that everything did not end in total failure.

The main goal of our team of professional DJs and sound engineers led by DJ Sergio Bertolucci is to exceed your expectations. We do everything better than you imagined making real celebration so much cooler than your plans and therefore you will remember it forever.

BERTOLUCCI SOUND wishes you happy celebrations, pleasant surprises and offers wide variety of services.




 Sound design for a wedding, corporate party or other event


BERTOLUCCI SOUND  - is not only a DJ company, it is a full sound design for events. Toasts and guests jokes, entertaining competitions, process of awarding and various ceremonies -with our professional choice of music all of this causes can be more emotional and passes with much enthusiasm. We have equipment for all occasions. Here you can rent equipment for high-quality sound, light and smoke, lasers, confetti and many other attributes for cheerful bright celebration. 



 Corporate Party DJ


What do people wait for corporate party? For the opportunity to have fun and to completely forget about work for a time in other words to break away! Our DJs with entertainers will give you such opportunity.

We can go anywhere in Europe you want to. Tell us where and when to go and BERTOLUCCI SOUND will deliver just in time its share of fun to your event.


DJ for your birthday

We will discuss in detail what does birthday person enjoy, which composition makes him laugh and cry and we will arrange for your dear person celebration that it deserves.




DJ for your event 


We have not any limits. Here you can invite a DJ that will make better any event you have conceived. As stated above we cater weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, moreover, we are invited to anniversaries, proms, banquets, fashion-shows, various concerts, parties and so on. Our DJ services are appropriate where people gather to have a good time together.


Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на свадьбу в Германии, Австрии, Италии, Франции, Испании, Греции.
Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на свадьбу в Италии
Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на свадьбу в Германии
Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на свадьбу в Германии
Ведущий на свадьбу в Германии

Russischer DJ in Deutschland

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