Dear Colleagues! In the first place we turn to entertainers from other countries that receive orders from Europe and are unable to take their DJs and sound engineers. We are well aware that we cannot replace people with whom you used to work and "driving" together more than a dozen weddings and anniversaries but sometimes it happens that... Your customer expects a certain amount that does not include travel and accommodation expenses of DJ because customer is ready to pay not only for entertainer work but also to compensate for its expenses for travel, hotel and visa. It is difficult or even impossible to carry all the necessary musical equipment. Don’t refuse an interesting order if the problem with a DJ can be easily solved? Contact us for cooperation and enjoy of professionally conducted event and European level salary. If you work with BERTOLUCCI SOUND , you... You are dealing with an experienced DJ. It is important that we have experience not only with creation of a suitable musical accompaniment but also from working with entertainers from all over the world. Cooperate with DJs and sound engineers with a complete set of equipment. We have equipment through which the event will have high-quality sound as well as light and entertainment (e.g., karaoke). You can create a truly high-quality show program with a logical musical accompaniment of different moments. Your words and actions create emotions and our sound reinforces these emotions. You can count on considerable support in all organizational matters. With us you can travel through Europe and doing things you love. Everything connected with transport, accommodation, equipment installation and other moments we take upon ourselves. Cooperate with professionals. Each entertainer has its own style. We know this and know how to adapt. Our professional sound engineers can find the right background music for celebration idea that entertainer defines. We put a soundtrack of songs that are a logical continuation and supplement for your words. With our high-quality and forehanded music event turns dynamic and harmonious.



P.S. The main goal of our work is not money but positive and memorable strong emotions. If in the first place for you too is not a business but the opportunity to make this world a little more fun, not work on a celebration but create event be sure to contact us. At least you will have benefit and pleasure spending time and as a maximum you will get a reliable partner with whom you can constantly exchange experiences, useful contacts and new ideas.


For event managers (organizers)