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10 reasons to work with BERTOLUCCI SOUND 




1. DJs who will create music for your event are well known in Czech Republic and in many other parts of Europe. We started in 2011 and during that time we became the most popular company providing such services in the Czech Republic. Thousands of people have appreciated our professionalism and shared with friends about us, so today we have more than 100 orders in a year and work not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe.


2. Here you don’t order just a DJ, we have a DJ for your Event and your guests. Our well trained staff consists of dozens of professionals. You could choose a special one who is best suited for your Event: has the appropriate education, experience, appearance, charisma.


3. Find a common language with us. Don’t know exactly what you want? What style of music will fit for the future celebration? Let us know your thoughts and desires and together we will choose the most suitable music for you and your guests. Let your feelings speak and our experience work.


4. We can create a comfortable atmosphere for celebrating. Our staff experience and natural talent allow feeling the guest moods and energy of the event. Very often our DJ set the desired melody for a minute before one of the guests wanted to order it. We know perfectly well what music to play when we asked, "Such music for soul unfolded and then wrapped back!"


5. BERTOLUCCI SOUND  - only the best Professional DJ Services. Each of our DJs was trained not only to play other people's compositions but also to create own music mixes.


6. Here you will find a DJ who knows how to work with an entertainer. We are well aware that a happy celebration - is not only a good fitting music, much also depends on the entertainer (toastmaster). We already have experience of working with many entertainers in Czech Republic and CIS and we are happy to collaborate with new people like us who earn a living by creating a good mood for people.


7. We are a serious company with necessary documents and office. Musicians work in restaurants and bars, why do they really need an office? Surgeons also operate in an operating room but they have their own rooms for many other cases. We want you to feel confident that you will have a deal with a stable and reputable company. We are always in place and ready to answer any questions and assist to plan the event.


8. You can relax with us. If you’ve ordered musical arrangement in BERTOLUCCI SOUND  then you will exactly get it. It’s not a problem when DJ is sick; we have a large staff and another DJ will replace a sick one. Problems with equipment. Well firstly the probability of this is very small, because we have only professional equipment for DJing, not a laptop and a couple of cheap speakers like some companies have. Secondly we have standby equipment.


9. We will create a special event just for you. If you order musical arrangement then you plan a very important day. You want everyone to remember this day, to make it special so you have special wishes. We will work with you one on one as long as necessary to create a unique event that will reflect your tastes, ideas and vision.


10. Working with us you get professional services at an affordable price.



BERTOLUCCI SOUND has expensive high-quality equipment – it’s true. We have well trained professional DJs – it’s also true. We are a well-known company with a constant influx of customers - one more truthful statement. Don’t let this scare you because besides: we are experienced so we perform tasks quickly and without unnecessary wastage of resources; we have individual approach to every event, we don’t use all equipment but only the required set of equipment; we value our reputation which attracted hundreds of clients, so we will not inflate our prices. P.S. The musical accompaniment is the main but not our only service. We invite you to acquaint with the full list of our services here


About us (Why should people choose us?)

Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на корпоратив в Германии
Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на корпоратив в Германии
Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на корпоратив в Германии
Ди-джей, звукорежиссер на корпоратив в Германии
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